What makes wetrooms so popular? First of all, they give you a lot of freedom in designing your bathroom, even if it is the smallest size.
A significant proportion of individual investors (both new and refurbished bathrooms) now choose linear outlets as a way to drain water from the shower. They are - like the shower trays - equipped with a siphon through which the water from the bath is drained to the sewer, but the only visible outside part is the narrow grate. This solution is an alternative to classic shower trays, and although these can now be installed on a par with the floor, designers and investors are eagerly waiting for the tides. The drains have the advantage over the shower trays that they allow the bathroom floor to be finished with a uniform material (even a metal frame can be filled with floor tiles, stone or mosaic). The grate almost disappears in the floor plane, and this keeps the uniform look in each zone, which optically expands the space even the smallest bathroom.
Shower with drain in the floor perfectly fit into the concept of modern and minimalist bathroom, emphasizes the style of interiors in both small and large bathrooms. In the latter, it allows to open an open, spacious shower that visually integrates into the interior design. Such bathroom is extremely consistent in nature, and the division into zones is contractual.
On the other hand, in small bathrooms, the linear drainage allows for better use of available space. Most importantly, when choosing a linear drain, we can arrange a shower in the free space of the bathroom, also in a niche of unusual shape or dimensions. It does not limit us to the format of the shower tray, which does not always fit in eg a recess wall or corner in the close vicinity of other equipment.

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