Cleaning your bathroom


Here is a quick guide to keeping your home looking as lovely as possible. Some people find it very difficult to keep on top of their housework, especially if you have a busy schedule, so her is a few tips we are hoping will help you along the way!

Hinching your Bathroom

It’s the hub of many bathroom germs, so eliminate those straight away with powerful bathroom cleaning products that are up to the challenge. While there’s definitely a place for alternative natural cleaning products elsewhere in the bathroom, don’t discount the power of proper disinfectant to get this job done. Your toilet bowl and flusher is one of the main things in your house that carry germs. You may not realise it, but there is over 34,000 units of bacteria living there, so maybe popping some toilet cleaner down there is really the best option! Not only this but the smell if gives off around the bathroom really smells nice!

Your WC unit with your flusher on can also carry a lot of germs, I personally use toilet cleaning antibacterial wipes as I find them a lot quicker and cleaner to clean my toilet unit and seat. On your toilet flusher, in an average household has around 83 different types of bacteria per square inch! Using antibacterial wipes will help to kill bacteria, and make your handles and toilet seats shiny!

For your pipes, I use Bloo Foam Aroma. What this does is helps to remove limescale down your toilet pipe making sure nothing gets clogged up as we all know how much a pain limescale is! Not to mention this comes in a variety of scents and smells lovely all around your home! All you do is pop a capful down your toilet and leave it their without flushing for a while! If you really wanted to you could sit there and watch the fizz start and watch it get to work!

Shining Your Taps, Sink, Shower and Bath

When it comes to cleaning your bathroom, its one of the worse jobs in the house, yet one of the most satisfying. However cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be core. Follow some of these simple steps to making your bathroom look almost new again…

Cleaning your sink. Well a personal favourite of mine is flash bathroom spray. The spray leaves sinks gleaming and taps shining! I normally spray the sinks then put a little bit of water in the sink, and use a double sided scrubbing antibacterial pas and clean the inside of the sink and the taps and the outside of the sink, then empty the water and rinse away any of the flash bathroom that is left behind, then I get a dry glass cleaning cloth and rub over my taps and this leaves them looking bright, shiny and clean. Sometimes for my taps ill use Viakal and this is also amazing too! All together my sink takes me about 4 minutes to clean properly.

Cleaning your bath. Well cleaning your bath is pretty much the same as cleaning your sink but bigger! As my bath is a lot bigger I still use Flash Bathroom, but not the spray I use Flash Bathroom Liquid Cleaner. All you do is pour some in your bath and around your taps and follow the directions above the same way you would clean your sink! You can also use this on your tiles too and in your shower! This method will take no more then 5 minutes.

Cleaning your shower heads. Well cleaning your shower heads may loo fiddley but really it isn’t! Viakal is amazing to use as it removes limescale and works amazing to keep steel shiny! Just spray and wipe and it works wonders! Cleaning your shower head will take about 3 minutes to clean

Cleaning your grout and silicone. Here at KO bathrooms we only use kerapoxy grout which it mixed with resin to make it waterproof. This means it wont go mouldy, as it doesn’t absorb the water. Some other companies don’t use this so here is a simple way to get your grout back to its original colour. I use Astonish Mould and Meldew spray. I spray this directly onto the grout/silicone and place cotton pads on top and then it will stick to the grout or silicone. Leave this for as long as possible (a hour or two at least) then remove the pads and it should come up looking cleaner! The more you spray and the longer you leave the better the result! This may take a few times to come up brand new, but you will notice a difference after the first use!

Cleaning your shower screen. I find a glass cloth and a good old white vinegar spray is the best thing! The white vinegar spray is deep cleaning and glass cloth leaves glass smear free! This will also work on any mirror or glass surfaces you have in your bathroom. It only takes about 5 minutes to clean all together and a clean shower screen really makes a difference!

Unclogging plug holes. Lets talk plug holes, well we all know their not the nicest of things but with all the hair women loose daily, sometimes our sinks do need abit of a clean, or when men are shaving sink plug holes do get clogged up. The thing that works best for me is Bicarbonate of Soda. I pop a spoon full on my plug holes all around the house and rinse away with some boiling water. This dissolves all the unwanted muck we have starting to clog up the drains. Last I pour a neat capful of any disinfectant I have in my plugs to make it smell nice. I either use Zoflora or Dettol. This doesn’t only clean the plugs but it makes the house smell so nice too!

Shiny Floors

Cleaning your floors. The last element of cleaning should be cleaning your floors. For a quick clean I tend to give them a quick hoover and then use my spray mop. In my spray mop I use diluted Zoflora and water. This works a treat and leaves everywhere smelling fresh! For a deeper clean I use boiling water in my mop bucket and whatever floor cleaner  fancy on that day! I think it works well and leaves floors smelling lovely! The boiling water also kills germs off your bathroom floor!