Why Big Tiles Matter

In the world of designing bathrooms, we know that there is of various trends, styles, colours and materials to choose from. With turning your dream into a reality creating your perfect interior, however, choosing what material best suits your tastes and needs is often the most difficult part of the entire process. To help make your bathroom design decisions a little easier, we here at KO Bathrooms want to keep you up to date with the latest interior design options and trends. The biggest trends at the moment we find are extra-large tiles. Extra large tiles have become more popular as a design option. Here, we will take a look at why these tiles have become so popular and how they can elevate your interior design.


Why Extra Large Tiles?

Extra large tiles, are just tiles that are cut bigger than the average size that can be used on floors and walls, in many rooms if the house. These tiles are the perfect option for those who wish to create the illusion of space with design. We install these tiles to create a beautiful finish to your interior. Not only this, but people say they are easier keep maintained ensuring they always that new look.

With the tiles, we only use kerapoxy grout, this grout is mixed with resin meaning, that it does not only make it mouldproof but it does not absorb the water as it is completely waterproof, it also does not change colour over time. Kerapoxy grout comes in a wide range of colors made to suit your bathroom ensuring that perfect finish to your design is achieved.

The Benefits They Bring to Your Interior

One of the most obvious benefits is relevant to their size. Since super size porcelain tiles are significantly larger, fewer are required to complete an interior space within your home. This not only saves installation time; it also means minimal maintenance, as they are easier to keep clean.

These high-quality tiles are fire resistant, water resistant and are suitable for extreme temperatures, meaning they are the perfect addition to any room within your interior. These durable characteristics ensure that you can enjoy the beauty of these tiles for years to come. The tiles come in a range of material and styles, giving you a number of different options to choose from.