Easy Access Bathrooms 

The bathroom requires certain standards. Interior design should take into account accessories that facilitate the daily use of the bathroom, as well as ensure maximum safety.
How to design a bathroom with easy access? 

What accessories will be necessary for the design of bathroom for the senior? We have a guide for you to arrange a safe and functional bathroom.

The bathroom is one of those rooms where it is not difficult to get an accident. Due to this, the bathroom for the disabled people, as well as the bathing interiors must include elements in the project facilitating the daily use of the bathroom and, above all, provide maximum safety. 

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all way for everyone, because the types of disability and the condition of the elderly are different. However, there are certain standards for equipping bathrooms for seniors and disabled people. Practically any design of the bathroom can be adapted to the needs, starting with the rebalancing of architectural barriers. These include, for example, thresholds, too low placed toilet bowl, too high-mounted sink, battery with too short spout and taps, built-in bath, preventing the use of a lift for people with disabilities, or even driving into it on the wheelchair.

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